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Half Dollar (Palming Coins)

Half Dollar (Palming Coins)

SKU: Kennedy

Looking for the perfect coins for your sleight-of-hand magic tricks? Look no further than the Half Dollar (Palming Coins)! 

 These Half Dollar coins are copies of the real thing and are the exact same size but exactly half the thickness of a real half-dollar and are attracted to magnets.

Magicians have traditionally used Kennedy Half Dollars for producing coins and making them disappear, but finding half dollars to practice with has been increasingly difficult for magicians in pursuit of them. 

Our Half Dollar (Palming Coins) are the perfect tool for any magician looking to practice and improve their coin skills, or maybe you just need more coins to produce in your Misers Dream coin routine.  


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These coins are expertly crafted to match the size and weight of a standard US half-dollar, but because they are copies of the real thing, you will also discover they are exactly half the thickness of a real half-dollar!


This makes them ideal for palming and performing a wide range of illusions and tricks. The thinner coins are not as heavy as real coins making them truly ideal for practicing coin slights. 

 The thinner coins also allow you to store more coins in a coin holder thus creating the illusion of producing more coins!


These palming coins are perfect for use with our Half Half Dollar Flipper Coin for more amazing magic:

You will also find these palming coins attracted to magnets (unlike real half dollars) which can be used with a PK ring, and other magic effects that use magnets. 


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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Half Dollar (Palming Coins) are a must-have addition to your magic kit.



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