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Half Dollar (Magnetic) Flipper Coin

Half Dollar (Magnetic) Flipper Coin

SKU: Flipper

Introducing the Half Dollar Flipper Coin, a must-have tool for any magician's arsenal. Amazing magic is now at your fingertips!


This coin features a magnetic core that allows it to split in half,  making it appear you holding two coins, giving you the ability to perform amazing magic tricks.

The Half Dollar Flipper coin is a standard accessory in the magician's coin collection. With it, you can do real magic, watch the video and it will instantly show you what the flipper coin is all about

The coin is made to look like a real half-dollar, however we suggest you use this flipper coin with our Half dollar palming coins for a better match.


This flipper coin, when purchased with two of our Half Dollar palming coins, you can perform a variety of coin tricks, making it a versatile addition to your magic props collection.   Price is for one Flipper coin only. Flipper coin includes one replacement rubber band.


           We suggest a purchase of two palming coins to get started.

                                Palming coins are sold separately.


                    Half Dollar Palming coins are available here:

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    $9.00Sale Price
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