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Electronic Dollar Bill Snatcher product
man laughing cartoon
electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon prank in the park
Fun Ideas: Welcome

If you should happen to find yourself sitting in a parked car, waiting for someone to arrive, you can keep boredom away by simply rolling down your car window and when no one is watching toss a dollar bill outside your car and wait for someone to walk past the window..

electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon sitting in parked car

Snatch the Dollar before they pick it up off the ground.

A great way to make someone laugh and meet new people!

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On a windy day... Turn your back to the wind and let out some slack to let the dollar bill out and let the wind take it up into the air like a kite!

  People will see the dollar bill flying in the air and wonder where it is going to land...   Until you reel it into your hand.

(Question Answered)

electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon fly a dollar like a kite
Fun Ideas: Text
Fun Ideas: Image

Upstairs -Downstairs

Get an accomplice to help you with this one...
While you stand upstairs, get an accomplice to secretly walk the dollar downstairs and drop it on the first floor directly below
your position on the 2nd floor.. 

Do this at a party, and when someone goes to pick up the dollar you snatch it up to the 2nd floor. You will see HEADS TURN and follow the dollar in its travel!

electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon upstairs downstairs
electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon upstairs downstairs
electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon upstairs downstairs
Fun Ideas: Text
Fun Ideas: Image

Make Money Appear
Fly Directly to your hand!

electronic dollar bill snatcher magic move technique

Place the invisible thread in-between your ring and middle fingers, before you turn it on... And the Dollar Bill will appear to magically leap from the ground directly into your hand! 


This requires practice and timing.  If you hold the device down at your side in your right hand and turn the left side of your body towards your spectators, they wont see the device in your (right) hand and will only notice the dollar bill flying into your extended left hand. 

electronic dollar bill snatcher men's breakfast sign

 Try going to a Men's Breakfast fundraiser at Church and snatching a dollar bill
out of the money basket in front of everyone, Mouths will drop open!

Play with your Cat

electronic dollar bill snatcher cartoon playing with cat
Fun Ideas: Image

Instead of putting a Dollar Bill on the end of the line, go to your local pet store and purchase a "Crinkle Ball" and attach the snap to the Crinkle ball.  Use the Thru the Fingers Snatch Technique and your cat will wonder why the crinkle ball goes straight to your hand!  You and your cat are going to have alot of fun with this!

Fun Ideas: Image

Play with your Cat

Thru the fingers technique VS Playing with a Cat

The Amusement Park

electronic dollar bill snatcher in the amusement park

While standing in line waiting to get on the next amusement park ride, bring your Electronic Dollar Bill Snatcher with you while you wait.  It will help pass the time while your waiting to get on the ride and don't be surprised if YOU become the attraction in-between rides as all eyes will quickly be upon you and your Dollar snatching activity's. magic website logo
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