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Sanada Gimmick (Type G)

Sanada Gimmick (Type G)

SKU: Sanada

Introducing the Sanada Gimmick, a versatile tool for magicians of all levels. This deceptively simple device allows you to perform a variety of effects, from vanishing and producing small objects like sponge balls, you can now raise the bar on your sponge ball routine with this item.


The gimmick is easy to use and can be incorporated into many different routines, making it a must-have for any performer's arsenal.


This is the new Model G Sanada Made from durable materials, the Gimmick is built to last and will become a staple in your magic collection. With endless possibilities, this is a trick you won't want to miss.


There is also a magnet included that you can use when working with coin shells. We also include a small 1" sponge ball for practice.


There is no instruction sheet included with this purchase.

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