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The Original Dollar Bill Snatcher

Updated: May 31

The Original Dollar Snatcher has been sold for more than 75 years and has been made in metal and plastic by several different manufacturers and they all have the same flaw... The Invisible line is too Short, and when the invisible line breaks... Its time to throw it in the trash because they can't be fixed. If you have ever owned one and tried to fix it after it broke you know firsthand the frustration of not being able to fix it and put it back together again. If you're a male, it is built into our DNA to fix things, no matter how big or small, but this one really frustrated me, so we set out to take this age old gag to the next level and came up with The Electronic Dollar Bill Snatcher.

Not only can you put a longer line on it to snatch dollars from farther distances, but when the string breaks you can repair it and replace the invisible line. You won't have to keep buying a new one, and with the Electronic Dollar Bill Snatchers built-in motor, it will allow you to do some really neat stuff. Get ready to chase boredom away and have some fun!

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