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Dollar Bill Snatcher

Dollar Bill Snatcher

SKU: snatcherD

Dollar Snatcher 


This is the original Dollar Snatcher which has about four feet of invisible line built into the reel so you will need to be relatively close to your victim when you snatch the dollar bill.  The ideal way to use this snatcher is at a lunch counter or at a bar by simply placing a bill down on the counter, and when the other person reaches for the bill... that is when you release the button on your dollar snatcher and snatch it back before they can grab it. 


Eventually, the invisible line will break (its destiny) and when that happens, it is time to throw it out and purchase a new dollar snatcher. Sounds frustrating doesn't it.


Or.. you can step up your game with an Electronic Dollar Bill Snatcher which not only allows you to snatch a dollar from a lot farther than four feet, but when the invisible line breaks... You can fix it!     

       (That is what men do when things break, they fix it!)


The E.D.B.S.  comes with 25 feet of invisible line, but you can put any length of invisible thread on it and snatch money from much farther distances!



   Original Dollar Bill Snatcher (4 feet of invisible line)         $5.00

  Electronic Dollar Bill Snatcher (25 feet of invisible line    $24.50



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