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Invisible Deck of Cards

Invisible Deck of Cards

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A spectator is asked by the magician to pick any card from an imaginary or  "invisible" deck of cards.. giving them a completely free choice.


When the magician then asks the spectator to name outloud the card that they chose the spectator reveals the name of the card.


Then a visible deck is displayed and the cards are removed from the box and spread out face up to reveal one face down card in the face up deck...


When the card is turned over, it is found to be the spectator's freely selected card from the "invisible deck".


A different card and spectator can be used each time it is performed! An amazing, and easy-to-perform miracle that has been performed on television and is a must for any magician's arsenal.


If this is your first time purchasing the Invisible Deck we recommend the DVD which comes with a deck of cards, you can find it here.




                                               POKER SIZE - Printed on Bicycle Backs

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