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Mr. John Parnell

John J. Parnell





9540 Rincon Ave

Arleta, Ca. 91331

Date of Birth:

October 28th, 1961

Learning how to sell on ebay for dummies 1999

A Bit About Me

My name is John and I get kicks, showing people my magic tricks. I was born in Burbank California, right in the middle of the television and motion picture industry. I grew up wanting to be a magician and I  managed a magic shop as a young man in nearby Glendale, while  I studied cinematography in college.  I originally pursued employment in Hollywood wanting to get into the motion picture industry behind the scenes.   

I ended up in the film industry but not in motion pictures. I was a camera salesman who did magic tricks behind the counter.  After many years I eventually ended up as the Kodak Rep for the City and County of Los Angeles supplying them with film and other Kodak products.  Then everything went digital and the camera and film business died. I almost died in a motorcycle accident in 2008.  I survived and eventually ended up in the Trucking industry selling truck parts on the company website and eBay.  Back in  1999, I was one of ten sellers profiled in a book called: "Learning How to sell on eBay for Dummies"

Work Experience

1980 - 1982

Bruces Fun House, Glendale, CA

This was the magic shop I rode my bike to on Saturdays to spend money on magic tricks & and pranks. I ended up taking a job behind the counter at age 18 and managed the store, demonstrating and selling magic tricks, and novelty items. I learned a lot about the retail business starting here. I also got married here on Valentine's day 1983 before they tore the neighborhood down.

Nov. 1983 - Dec. 2013

Hooper Camera & Video Stores - North Hollywood, CA

Online Fulfillment  & Ebay Sales

Started as a camera salesperson and was promoted to assistant manager, store manager, and warehouse manager, and eventually went on to become Industrial Sales manager. Hooper Camera was a Kodak dealer and served the contract for the City and County of Los Angeles for all Kodak film and product and as Industrial sales manager It was my responsibility to oversee this department. 

December 2015 - to Present

United Truck Centers - Sylmar, CA

Online Fulfillment Dept. Manager

eBay Marketplace & Website Sales. Taking photos of parts, writing eBay ads, and posting items for sale. Harvesting of online orders. Invoicing & Telephone Sales.

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