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Ventrilo Voice Thrower

Ventrilo Voice Thrower

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The Ventrilo Voice Thrower

Readers of a certain age may recall advertisements for a  device called “The Ventrilo,” which promoters crammed  into the pages of comic books, novelty catalogs, Popular  Mechanics and Boys’ Life in the 1960s and 1970s


Usually, the ad copy featured a  disembodied voice calling for help, seemingly emanating  from a trunk toted by a muscular fellow, but really being  “thrown” by a smirking, smart‐alecky kid standing nearby.   

The Ventrilo promised the  ability to “Throw Your Voice” and “fool teachers and  friends” with an “instrument [that] fits in your mouth  and out of sight.”  

readers enticed by the unbridled powers of ventriloquism into sending off the  requisite two bits received

The Ventrilo, a kazoo‐like device  which he describes as “two half‐inch metal pieces bound by  a pink ribbon.”  

“While you do not need the Wonder Ventrilo or other device to be a  Ventriloquist, it will help you decide whether you would like to learn more about Ventriloquism.” 


Comic book claims aside, however, the Ventrilo won’t help you throw your voice...

Of course, the only people ever fooled by a Ventrilo voice thrower were those who bought one.  


After the initial sting of disappointment kids usually got over it and learned a valuable life lesson when it comes to making purchases by mail thru a comic book advertisement.

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