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Telekinetic Timber Block

Telekinetic Timber Block


An amazing apparent demonstration in telekinesis or psychokinesis!  


The performer leans a block of wood (previously and totally examined) against a bottle (also completely examined) and tells everyone to concentrate on it. Suddenly the block starts leaning up and away from the bottle and falls flat on the table with a loud “clack” (especially if the audience is really really quiet…and they usually are). By this time the audience isn’t sure if they just witnessed this or not, as most of the time they are still completely silent and in awe.


An amazing apparent demonstration in telekinesis or psychokinesis (PK).

No magnets, no string, no wire, no sand, no wind, no stooges, no remote controls, entirely self-contained, works by itself. All can be totally examined before and after the demonstration. Don’t be fooled by the cheap ones on the market today where sand runs through the block, and you can hear it from a mile away. This one doesn’t work like that. It’s a completely different method that makes no noise whatsoever. 


Block measures approx. 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 12″

(Bottle is not included)


When these are Gone, they are Gone!




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