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Talk Like a Dummy - The Art of Ventriloquism DVD

Talk Like a Dummy - The Art of Ventriloquism DVD

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The art of Ventriloquism has never been easier to learn!

Ventriloquism.On this DVD, professional ventriloquist Bob Rumba teaches you the ABCs of ventriloquism


  • Improve your ventriloquism skills with this The ABC's of Ventriloquism DVD! Package includes 1 DVD
  • A great gift for anyone
  • Great for parties or events


The DVD begins with the most basic concepts of ventriloquism - talking without moving your lips - and continues on to advanced technique and character development. On the way, every step in between is thoroughly reviewed. Once mastering Bob's instructions, you'll be talking like a dummy in no time.


The DVD is broken down into chapters, making step-by-step learning easy. Once you've mastered the first chapter, move on to the next, building one skill on the other as you go.


               On this DVD, you will learn:

  • -Talking without moving your lips
  • -Letter Substitutions
  • -History of Ventriloquism
  • -How to work with and select a puppet
  • -How to make your dummy come alive
  • -Dialogue development

    -And much, much more!


Additionally, the DVD features legendary ventriloquist Jay Marshall, and a warm remembrance of his famous puppet, Lefty. Jay discusses in detail how he got his start as a ventriloquist, how he developed Lefty, and shares other valuable insights gained over his 60+ years as a professional entertainer.


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