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Rubber Tongue

Rubber Tongue


Realistic Rubber Tongue

You can really freak your friends out with this item...  Hand someone a Paperclip and ask them to open it up and straighten it out like they are going to stab something with it. While they are straightening out the paperclip, you simply slip the fake tongue into your mouth, they hand you back the now straightened-out paper clip and then you proceed to spear your Tongue with it!


The tongue looks real, it is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly material and is safe to put in your mouth. It stretches, twists, sticks, and can be pierced. 

No matter how much you pull on it or pierce it with a needle, it will restore to the original profile that it used to be.


 Let Grandma watch you stick out your tongue so the dog can lick it... Gross!


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