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Queen's Surprise Card Trick

Queen's Surprise Card Trick


Queens Surprise Naughty Card Trick


This naughty card trick is made for guys who like to play poker and have fun with their adult friends with an easy, entertaining, magic trick that has a naughty surprise ending.


This trick is definitely NOT for kids, but there IS a surprise (not so naughty) reveal for kids, also included. This also makes a nice addition to the professional magician's collection of pocket tricks, although you will most likely perform this strictly for adults only.

Here is the effect:

The performer shows 3 cards to the spectator, King of Spades, Jack of Spades, and the Queen of Hearts. The performer tells the spectator this is a test of observation, and to remember the 3 cards. They are specifically told to remember the Red-colored card. The performer now turns the backs of the cards to the spectator and asks them to point to the Queen of Hearts. 

After doing so, the performer removes the other two cards, and shows them to be the king and jack of spades, and puts them in his pocket, leaving only the one remaining card in the performer's hand. (which the spectator believes to be the Queen of Hearts) Instead of the card being the Queen of Hearts, it is finally revealed by the performer that the card is a little naked man, and the performer's pinky finger is protruding thru a hole in the card, right where the little man's family jewels are located!


This surprise ending will be totally unexpected and will produce tons of laughter, people WILL remember you for this trick, and don't be surprised when they ask you to do it again for someone else. These are made in a Blue or Red Bicycle back, Poker size, and are not available anywhere else. Also included is a child reveal card, an elephant card with a hole in it right where the elephant's trunk would be located. Great fun for creative minds.

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