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Submarine - Polaris Nuclear

Submarine - Polaris Nuclear

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Polaris Nuclear Submarine


This Polaris Submarine ad appeared in the back of comic books for many years and the result was usually disappointing because the submarine had a tendacy to fall apart if it got even a little bit wet.  Even the morning dew on the lawn was enough to ruin it if left outside on the grass overnight.


                                                          The original ad said:


Polaris Nuclear Submarine - Over 7 feet Long - Big enough for 2 kids
How proud you will be as commander of your own POLARIS SUB!

The most powerful ship in the sea! What hours of imaginative play and fun as you and your friends dive, surface, maneuver, watch the enemy though the periscope and release nuclear missles and topedoes!   Thrill as you hunt sunken treasures in pirate waters and explore the strange and mysterious ocean floor!

Sturdily constucted of 200 lb test material. 
Comes complete with easy assembly instructions.  Cost only $6.98 for this giant of fun, adventure and science. 

(Because of the POLARIS SUB'S giant size we must ask for 75 cents shipping charges.)


  • Over 7 feet long
  • Seats 2 kits
  • Controls that work
  • Rockets that fire
  • Real Periscope
  • Firing torpedoes
  • Electrically lit instrument panel

After the initial sting of disappointment kids usually got over it and found a way to actually play with the item and still have fun with it before it became un-usable.  


Sadly we do not expect to have these in stock anytime soon.

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