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Miracle Dice Trick

Miracle Dice Trick

SKU: MiracleDice

The Miracle Dice Trick


This trick is guaranteed to amaze your spectators!



The magician shows a small box with six dice inside, numbered

one thru six and covers up the box with the lid. The Magician then places a small die in a shot glass (Not included) and has the spectator roll a random number leaving the shot glass face down on the table.  When the spectator lifts up the glass to reveal the number that was rolled, the lid of the box is removed to reveal that all of the dice inside the box are now the same number that your spectator just revealed under the glass!


This can be repeated with a different number, this one is easy to perform, comes with an instruction sheet, and most likely will end up being one of your favorite tricks to perform for people. 

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