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Four Nightmares DX by Tenyo Magic

Four Nightmares DX by Tenyo Magic


Four Nightmares by Tenyo Magic

Four Nightmares DX by Tenyo Magic

Your audience will be amazed at the unexpected, rollercoaster of climaxes... It's just like a nightmare!  This is an absolutely new taste of rope magic!  Simple, but also Super visual!

JUST ADDED - An extra 5th Nightmare for a new climax!


#1 Magician displays two ropes, one long and one short. When stretched out together, they somehow visually become equal in length!

#2 Now the two ropes are tied together leaving a knot in the center, but the knot is then slipped completely off the rope, right in front of the audience!

#3 Now the Magician takes the one long rope, and ties a knot in the center. The Magician grasps and squeezes the knot, and it visually melts away! 

#4 The Magician now creates another knot, this time the knot is very large and the Magician ends up with one very clean long rope, and, on the other hand, an endless loop of rope in a circle!

#5 (BONUS Nightmare Trick) One extra effect, the loop of rope and the long rope are tied together, but suddenly, the knot dissolves, and the magician is left with one single long rope!

The gimmick is special because the props are very well made. Even up close, the audience cannot see the secret. The professional nature of this rope trick will be evident in its clean beauty and thickness, which allows it to work well for close up, parlor, and stage.


Instructional Video Download - included with Purchase


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