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SPIRIT PKG - License Plate, Mug, & Keychain

SPIRIT PKG - License Plate, Mug, & Keychain


This California Spirit Package includes a reproduction California Vanity License Plate made of Metal with the word SPIRIT prominently displayed. Price also includes The Magician Coffee Mug & One Spirit Keychain. 

If you purchase these items separately off our website you would pay about $25 more than this package price.  (Thats a FREE Coffee Mug Folks!) 

The letters on the license plate are Not Raised because only the Department of Motor Vehicles is authorized to make metal plates with raised letters.  When you view this from the front it will look great,  & appear very, VERY realistic.


The vanity plates made for movies and television are made of plastic and don't hold up over time, and eventually crack as they age. This metal plate will last you for years and we are confident you will treasure it.  


This package is available just in time for the holidays and will not be repeated at this price. Grab your free coffee mug before someone else get's it. 


Coffee Mug Only      

Coffee Mug & TM Card    

Coffee Mug & Spirit Keychain    

Coffee Mug  Spirit License Plate & Spirit Keychain

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