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Brake Kits (One Pair)

Brake Kits (One Pair)


Brake Kits for Electronic Dollar Bill Snatcher


Before you can add a Dollar Bill you need a way to attach the bill to the device, and you will need to tie the Brake kit onto the your invisible line. The Bead acts as the Brake to stop the dollar bill in its travel without breaking the invisible thread.


It is recommended you have an already made brake kit handy when going out into public places, if your line should break, you will be READY to attach a new snap and brake in minutes, so you can keep playing with your device!


Each  Brake Kit consists of One Plastic Snap (2 PCS) male/female  

and also  One Glass Bead (1 PCS) and 2" of invisible line. 


Just tie the end of your invisible line onto the bead and your ready to go!


                   The purchase is for Two pre-assembled Brake Kits

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