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The Bike Cast Puzzle - Brain Teaser Puzzle

The Bike Cast Puzzle - Brain Teaser Puzzle

SKU: Puzzlebike

Whether you're a seasoned puzzler or a beginner, this brain teaser is sure to provide an enjoyable and satisfying challenge. 

The Challenge:  Remove the Ring from the Bike

Can you move the tiny metal ring attached to the bike seat throughout the bike frame and remove the metal ring completely from the bike without damaging or bending the ring?  


This challenging brain teaser puzzle is a fun and unique way to engage your mind and improve your problem-solving skills.


American John R. Lynn created and patented the Bike cast puzzle in 1898. Nearly a century after it was introduced, and it was no longer on the market.. a Japanese puzzle manufacturer known worldwide (Hanayama) for producing challenging puzzles hired what was perhaps the world's top puzzle creator at the time to undertake the project of recreating this puzzle and making it available to the public again.


This puzzle is a twist on the traditional cast puzzle and requires patience and focus to master it.  


The Bike Cast Puzzle is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide hours of entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. 

Add it to your collection today and see if you can master the The Bike Cast Puzzle.


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