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Balloon Penetration

Balloon Penetration

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Balloon Penetration



Here is the effect:

A tube is shown empty and a balloon is blown up through the center of it. 

Carefully, the magician slides a pencil through a hole in the side of the tube. 

The audience winces expecting the balloon to pop, but the pencil slides completely through the tube and out the other side without disturbing the balloon! 


The magician then proceeds to slide ANOTHER pencil into a second hole in the tube. 

With the audience in disbelief, the magician successfully slides the second pencil all the way through and out the other side, the balloon is still unharmed. 


The magician then removes both the pencils, deflates the balloon and it can be passed around for inspection. 


Easy and fun to perform



(Beginner Magic for ages 6-9)

This Trick introduces young minds to how magic tricks work  as they begin

their transgression into learning and collecting some of the basic magic tricks.


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