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Air Hovercraft

Air Hovercraft

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The Air Hovvercraft


This Hovercraft ad appeared in the back of comic books for many years and the result was usually disappointing because the hovercar ad failed to mention the vehicle was too small to fit in.


                                                               The original ad said:


  • New Hover Craft glides like magic over floors, sidewalks, EVEN WATER.  AT YOUR COMMAND with no visible means of support.
  • Sleek car of the future uses principle of air suspension TO GO WHERE YOU WANT
  • Powered by standard flashlight cells (not included).
  • Push button on remote unit for precision control.  
  • Simply press switch and 11" beauty immediately rises and floats in any direction you wish.


They did actually say in the ad the Hovercraft was only 11" in the last line of the ad, but it usually got missed by the young readers who had already envisioned themselves riding around their neighborhood in a full-size Hovercraft.


After the initial sting of disappointment kids usually got over it and found a way to actually play with the item and have fun with it.  


Sadly we do not expect to have these in stock anytime soon.

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