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Seven Foot Tall Monster

Seven Foot Tall Monster

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7 Ft Tall Size Monster


7 feet tall  - In Authentic colors with Glow in the Dark Eyes - Only $1.00



This ad for a 7 Ft Monster appeared in the back of comic books for many years and the result was usually disappointing because the "Monster" was one-dimensional.

It was basically a poster printed on a plastic sheet of material that was 7 feet tall.



                                                       The original ad said:


Just imagine your friends' shock when they walk into your room and see the "Monster" reaching out - bigger than life - Frankenstein, the original man-made monster, that creation of evil genius that terrorized the world.  


A giant 7 feet tall, his eyes glow eerily as is hand reaches out - as awful and sinister as the wildest nightmare. Yes - Frankenstein is 7 feet tall, in authentic colors on durable polyethelene. and so lifelike you'll probably find yourself talking to him. Wont you be be surprised if he answers?  Comes complete with eyes that glow even in the pitch dark for a special thrilling chill.

Boney the Skeleton
And then there is Boney - Stark scary with nothing left but his bare bones.  


A 7 foot monster out of the grave -

his bones white, his eyes staring - even glowing in the dark.  


Money Back Guarantee.  

Just send $1.00 plus .25 cents to cover postage and handling for each monster

Your money back if not satisfactorily horrified.


After the initial sting of disappointment kids usually got over it and found a way to actually hang the item up and settle for it.   I just was not very scary or horrifying.

Sadly we do not expect to have these in stock anytime soon


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