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Plastic Snap Replacements

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Those Plastic Snaps that hold the Dollar onto the end of the invisible line are small and can easily be lost and we recommend you pick some up at your local sewing center. We recommend the Dritz Clear Nylon Snaps, which come in a pack of 18 PCS.

We also have a "Brake Kit" available here on the website that includes Two Beads (brakes) and two Plastic Snaps...

If you cant find the plastic snaps at your local sewing center,

here is a link to them on Amazon:

Amazon Link for Dritz Clear Nylon Snaps:

We recommend purchasing a BRAKE KIT which also includes additional SNAPS in the kit.

(The BRAKE KIT can be found in the Joke Items section here on the website)

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