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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

We really don't recommend using a denomination larger than a One Dollar Bill on the device because sometimes things can go wrong.... So for those of you who think putting a $20,$50, or even a $100 bill on the device we are giving away a realistic $20 Bill with the purchase of the device so you can play with the idea without actually taking the risk. How would you feel if someone got close enough to step on the bill with their foot before you had a chance to push the button and reel the bill in.... Probably not too fun. Worse than that, imagine getting in an altercation with someone over it. You can get the same affect with the device with just a one dollar bill. How would you feel if the battery's suddenly went dead and you did not check them before putting the bill on the ground, and nothing happens when you push the button to reel in the bill.... Not to fun. So we say to you with much experience that putting a large denomination bill on the E.D.B.S. really is not necessary, but everyone is different, and that will be a decision we leave to you. Eventually that fake $20 will fall apart from all the play and then you will have to put a real bill on it, because the fake bill is only paper and does not have fibers in it like a real dollar does, real bills are printed to last alot longer than just plain paper.

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